Artist Statement 

October 2018


I am divided into three fragments within my own art process. I am moved by conceptually driven work using glass, projections, and performance. I also focus on more technical ways of glassblowing forms by sculpting and blowing. These may be representational sculptures or functional objects. Finally, I paint. It is normally a balance of these three modes of creativity. Each time I work, every art path waxes and wanes and feeds the other. 

Vulnerability and form are the focuses of my work, whether it be truth within a human feature, or of the ice melting in the arctic. 

I'm interested in the state in-between, the vulnerable dividing line of comfort and discomfort, and fragility and strength. Glass and ice are used as mediums to convey these themes. Both ice and glass are on the dividing line of translucency and opacity, liquidity and solidity, as well as strength and weakness. In the melting world around us, glass can be the vessel to both mimic and contain the absence of the liquid lost.

I am fascinated with the similarities and vast differences of both ice and glass, so much so that I tend to replicate them.