Artist Statement

February 17, 2018.

I'm interested in the state in-between, the vulnerable dividing line of comfort and discomfort, and fragility and strength. My background in painting allowed me to explore these themes through two-dimensional work such as painting, drawing, and photography. I found at times the only way to express these physical states was to use my physical body as well. My art practice expanded to include performance art and glassblowing.

Glass is a performance, a dance of control that flickers over the line of gaining and losing control by shaping it, heating it, losing it, and letting go time after time, over and over. I am fascinated with the similarities and vast differences of both ice and glass, so much so that I tend to replicate them.

Glass and ice are used as mediums to convey vulnerability and empathy. Both ice and glass are on the dividing line of translucency and opacity, liquidity and solidity, as well as strength and weakness. In the melting world around us, glass can be the vessel to both mimic and contain the absence of the liquid lost.