• This October of 2017  I will be participating in the Arctic Circle Artist Residency. For a month long residency, artists, scientists, and educators will come together on an arctic vessel in Longyearbyen, Norway to create art and work together. For more information about the residency, click here: http://www.thearcticcircle.org/#
  • Sam Schumacher (Rocketworks Glass), James Friedberg and I recently made a portable glassblowing furnace (20lb crucible). My goal is to take glass outside of the traditional confines of the studio setting, and allow it to be accessible in other ways. I want to take it to schools, healing centers, and different communities to teach and demonstrate the art and process of glass blowing. Now more than ever we need the arts in our world. Not only will we make functional pieces, a goal of this furnace is to work experimentally and collaboratively. I would also like to work on my own art process and bring it to the outdoors to blow glass in nature, capturing the movement and forms of the natural world around us. Normally, one would have to bring the outdoors into the studio. This way, it's possible to bring the furnace and truly be site specific. If you, an organization, or someone you know is interested in learning more about the furnace or having the furnace come visit to blow glass, please reach out! Email me in the 'contact' section. Thank you!

           Photos of the furnace-building process:


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